When you Google “ice cream shops near me” and scroll through the long list of delicious options, all the choices can be paralyzing! In honor of National Ice Cream Month, we rounded up our three favorite local spots for that creamy, cold goodness. Check them out!

Homemade Variety for the Whole Family

About a 13-minute drive to the east of us on Santa Margarita Parkway, Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream makes their ice cream fresh each day, and they have lots of fun options! You can get quarts and pints, Handel Pops (a scoop of ice cream covered in gourmet chocolate and served on a stick), a four-scoop sampler for when you just can’t decide, smoothies, and more.

They also have a huge selection of flavors. On top of the classic favorites, some flavors include caramel corn with nuts (popcorn-flavored ice cream with Spanish peanuts and a caramel ripple), grape, and vanilla with lemon Oreo. For anyone with specific dietary requirements, they serve no-sugar-added, fat-free, and vegan options. Take out is available.

Unique Flavors to Satisfy the Tastebuds 

Another ice cream shop near us is La Michoacan Premium, located about 10 minutes southwest of us on the corner of El Toro and Rockfield with takeout available. Some of their unique ice cream flavors include marzipan, Snickers, pecan, cajeta, chicle, and tequila. On top of ice cream, they also serve chips, beverages, and paletas, so you won’t leave hungry!

Amazing Ice Cream Creations

Afters Ice Cream is about a 13-minute drive east of us on Spectrum Center Drive, and when you get there, you’re in for an ice cream experience! Some of their flavors include milk and cereal, Cookie Monster, and jasmine milk tea, and they’re known for their generous toppings. Afters is also home of the Milky Bun™, a donut stuffed with ice cream and resealed for a delectable hot/cold effect. They also deliver locally.

At Crestwood, we love any reason to celebrate, especially when there’s ice cream involved! Join us in celebrating this fun national month by visiting one of the ice cream shops near us: Handel’s, La Michoacan Premium, or Afters. Or Google “ice cream shops near me” and let us know what unique finds you come across!