Ready for some fun at the beach? Who isn’t? There’s still plenty of time before the weather gets too cold for a good time in the sand and sun. But before you venture out to any of California’s gorgeous beaches, remember that this is a unique season. Check this list, which is updated regularly, to find which beaches are open. Also, keep social distance a priority. These days, it just has to be done. Here are three things you have to make sure to avoid at the beach:

Sharing Food

Bringing food to share at the beach, like a bag of chips or some fresh fruit, is typically all part of the fun! With COVID-19, however, you’ll want to bring this to a halt for a while, as germs can spread very fast by hand and mouth. You can still bring food, don’t get us wrong. Just add a little bit of extra preparation before you come to make sure your portions are ready for each person you are going to meet at the beach. And make sure to wrap your food. If you need any ideas for some amazing snacks to bring, click here.

Big Groups 

Our California beaches are wonderful, amazing, and very relaxing places that are enjoyed by a ton of people. This means you might find yourself dealing with issues that come with overcrowdedness, especially at the more popular beaches near Lake Forest. Guidelines say to stay at least six feet apart, so perhaps it is best to go during down times, or maybe consider going to one of California’s other beaches.

Close Contact Sports

If you’re used to playing volleyball, frisbee, baseball, or other sports at the beach that require contact with others, you might want to reconsider—unless you happen to live in the same house. We are still learning much about the transmission of COVID-19, so it is safe to avoid large groups in sports. Instead, you can engage in games that do not require actual contact, such as walking, hiking, surfing, and of course swimming. There are still plenty you can do to have fun at the beach while helping to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Even though this year is very different from any other year prior, we can always have a good time soaking up California’s perfect weather and beautiful sandy beaches. By avoiding sharing your food, overcrowded areas, and contact beach sports, you can do your part to help promote better health.